About us

Roviño5 It is structured around a team of highly qualified professionals, all with long experience in the different areas covered by our services, mainly, management, Planification and organization, related to productive and business area.

We are born as a company, committed to a long-term vision and a focused on continuous improvement of our structure, processes and finally, on the quality of our products.

A Close collaboration with our customers, combined with solid know-how, attitude and productive resources at our disposal, They allow us to face complex projects, beyond cited here.

What do we do

In Roviño5 we have set up our services, based, target, to offer greater efficiency and reliability to our customers.

  • Moulds
    • Design and manufacture of molds up 10 tm, high pressure, low pressure and gravity filling.
    • Repair and modification of all types of molds.
  • Industrial tooling
    • Design and manufacturing for a wide range of tools such as dimensional control tools and welding tools, conventional dies, coaxial and progressive.
    • Tools repair and modification.
  • Machined parts
    • Design and manufacture of all kinds of unique parts, assemblies and serial parts. We have milling capacity from 2 until 5 axis.
  • Laser welding
    • We have the latest technology and advanced skills that allow us to ensure a virtually unlimited ability to solve any need for welding, construction or reconstruction using laser technology, on all types of materials and their corresponding treatments.